Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Compound

Bodeen, S.A. 2008. The Compound.

T.S. Eliot was wrong. My world ended with a bang the minute we entered the Compound and that silver door closed behind us. The sound was brutal. Final. An echoing, resounding boom that slashed my nine-year-old heart in two. (1)

It has been been five years (or is it six?) since Eli and his family took refuge underground. Their father, an ultra-successful businessman, built a secret hideaway for his family to retire to in event of a nuclear holocaust. With enough provisions to last a full fifteen years, Eli and his family (mom, dad, older sister, younger sister) are now resting safe and secure sealed off from the world. But Eli can’t forget, won’t forget who he left behind. His twin-brother Eddie.

Eddie, the good twin to his evil, didn’t make it to the compound—the metal door—in time. He along with their grandmother are gone now. Along with the rest of the world, right? That’s what his father says anyway. Now after so many years of trusting his father, Eli is beginning to have his doubts, beginning to question everything he knows about his father, his family, and his world as he knows it.

The back of this one reads that, “this debut thriller is perfect for teens who like their movies scary and their books suspenseful.”

I’m not one for scary movies. I’m a chicken. But I do like a good suspense. I’ll admit that I couldn’t put this one down. The novel is a nice blend of predictable as well as unpredictable plot twists. I can’t say too much more!

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Traci said...

Oooh, that sounds really good....adding it to my wishlist right now.

Ms. Yingling said...

I liked it, and it's been popular with my students as well. I do have to tell them it is not about the military, however, given the cover design.

Anonymous said...

I am not someone who normally reads anything, but i really enjoyed this book. It is great

Anonymous said...

ok i doing a project for the book the compond and i need to know the climax and riseing falling action all of that good stuff if u could help me out that would b great