Friday, September 05, 2008


This is my entry for this contest.

I guess you could say I "collect" many things. I have many weaknesses--stuffed animals being one of them. It's dangerous for me to go shopping because I can't say no to soft and cuddly. I start to "bond" as my dad would say, and it becomes helpless or hopeless. Of course, for those in need, then I am a great help. I wouldn't want anyone* to feel so lonely and unwanted there on the store shelves. Bears. Dogs. Elephants. Kitties. Just a few of the categories I've got. But today I'm focusing on monkeys. Monkeys are great fun because they just say play with me**.

My first monkey in the collection was Bongo the beanie baby. And from there it just took over. Some of these are Ty. Beanie babies in original, buddy, and happy meal size. Also 3 of the new Curious Georges. And Bubba--the one in the Santa hat--was a find last year at JoAnns. Not pictured because I couldn't take the trouble to hunt for him is my funky monkey whose hot pink. He was one of the stuffed animal prizes at Six Flags way back when.

*We all know they have feelings, right? Stuffed animals are real.
**Okay, I admit it. I love making monkey noises. Monkey is my second language. :)

And speaking of is one to win a copy of Hunger Games. A YA novel that looks great.

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Anonymous said...

I loved your blog! LOVED!

Thanks for submitting!

I'm linking you on my blogroll!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Becky, awww Curious George is so cute. My daughter loves him and would be quite envious of your collection! Great pics!