Sunday, September 14, 2008

Google Group...

So just a very quick note...this will either a) be something you already know about b) may be something you knew about but have forgotten already c) completely new to you. In the case of b and c, let me just share the existence of my google reading group, Reading With Becky. We're currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo. I'm a bit sluggish on the reading and the discussing. But you've got to give me least I'm being honest about it. But we're planning--currently--for the first three months of 2009. January. February. March. I've got a survey up here.

The goal of the group is to read a book per month. Young Adult books. Adult books. Mostly fiction. Though I'm not opposed to poetry or nonfiction if there's enough interest. We've done a handful of classics, a handful of YA books, and a few adult books--mostly the adult books were science fiction. I love science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, etc. Personally, I'm more into genre type fiction then literary "sophisticated" titles.

If you're interested in joining, then email me requesting an invitation. You could also leave a comment with your email address if you'd prefer. Or you can sign up via that little box over in the sidebar. Google accounts give you more access to the group's functions, but aren't required for participation since most of that gets done via email.

We've got 20ish members now, and I'd love to see a few more added. So join the group, take the survey, and get started reading with me :)

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