Sunday, September 28, 2008

TSS: Is Lack of Cohesiveness a Theme?

I've puzzled and puzzled over what I should write about for The Sunday Salon. And the truth is...that there is no one solidifying subject on my mind this week.

The Count of Monte Cristo is still disturbing me. It is the dullest (and thickest) book I've ever tried to push my way through. True, it's the unabridged version. I just can't believe that this is the same book--same story--that I found so thrilling and exciting and so wonderful years and years ago when I read the abridged. I am pondering giving up on the unabridged one. I just don't know how much more I can endure. Part of me feels bad for wanting to abandon, part of me just feels excited at the thought of release. My copy is due back at the library on the 8th of October, and I just don't know how I'd ever finish it on time.

I did finish Jane Eyre. And I did love it. Really really love it. Wish now I'd picked that for the online book group to read for this fall.

I did finish Pippi Longstocking. Again I loved it. Or mostly loved it anyway. A review of that will be coming soon.

I did make the Cybils YA panel which means I have less time for challenge books (and challenges in general) and other extra-reads. Essentially, I'll be needing to focus on only YA books published in 2008 by October 15th if not before. It will be fun.

Xenocide is one of the books I need to squeeze in if I'm to finish the A to Z challenge before life gets super busy.

Why is it that I read more Orson Scott Card books before I began the Orson Scott Card challenge, the Cardathon?

I did start using google calendar. So maybe that will make a difference :)

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Anonymous said...

Now we know why there's an abridged version. Sorry it's so disappointing. It's a book I plan on reading someday. Now I know to get the abridged version.

Anonymous said...

Becky: Why push your way through? If you're not liking it, give it up. It's all right to let a book go sometimes. There's too many books in the sea...I mean, too many books to read. ;)

Also lack of cohesiveness is a theme. I have a whole blog that is focused on rambling, so I know. :)

Serena said...

I have not read the Count of Monte Cristo in a long time, but I think my version is the abridged one. You should try reading The Brothers Karamazov. Dostevsky is the only author I know that can turn a story of patricide into something boring you cannot make it past page 80!

Mari said...

Sorry you are not enjoying the book. I am not sure which version I read (probably abridged) but I loved it. Hope it gets better for you. :)

Kim L said...

Google calendar is pretty darn amazing. I would be lost without it.

Sometimes classics just aren't that appealing. I've given up trying to force myself to read books, I just can't find the time to read the books I enjoy, much less books I'm not enjoying.

Anonymous said...

I read the unabridged version last year and flew threw it in under a week. I loved it! So sorry it's just not happening for you on this one.

Kristi said...

I've just started using Google calendar to (try to) get my challenge reading under control, too ;o). There's no way I'm going to finish all the challenges I've signed up for that end Dec. 31, but who cares? I still read way more books (and more varied books) than I ever have -- and I've enjoyed it.

I'd say if you're not enjoying the unabridged version, ditch it! If you enjoyed the abridged version, so be it. Now I know which version to go for when I read Count of Monte Cristo ;o).