Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Mind, Body, Soul Challenge

Mind, Body, Soul Challenge
host: Annie (Reading, Writing, and Ranting)
October 1, 2008 - October 31, 2008
required books: depends on the options the participant decides; 4 for me.

Mind: Option 2. Classic & Literary Variation of Said Classic. I will probably go with something Austen. I've got a handful of Austen sequels/prequels/companion books that I've been wanting to get to.

Body: Option 1. An audio book. I'm not sure which book this will be. Maybe Madapple. Maybe Adoration of Jenna Fox. Maybe An Abundance of Katherines. But something YA and audio. :)

Soul: Option 1. I'll read a Christian non-fiction book. Right now I'm thinking The Cure by Harry Kraus, MD.

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