Thursday, September 11, 2008

End of Summer Goals

  • 100 "2008" books by September 11, 2008

    81 / 100 books. 81% done!

  • 10 "2007 or 2006" books by September 11, 2008

    7 / 10 books. 70% done!

  • 10 "Christian" books by September 11, 2008

    10 / 10 books. 100% done!
Not quite a complete success, but I think I passed relatively well. 81 would be a B, right? I can live with that.

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Dewey said...

I'm very happy with the results of my goal meme. Thank you for coming up with this idea for a meme, by the way. It helped me so much to track my exercise that way, because I wasn't giving myself nearly as much credit for exercising regularly as I deserved! It turns out my average is close to 6 days a week. I feel much better about that aspect of taking control of ways I can be improving my health problems now, so thanks again. :)