Friday, September 19, 2008

Link Love

Shannon Hale has two more great posts up. How To Be A Reader parts three and four. Hale is brilliant (like always). And I love how she stresses in part four that reviews aren't written for the author...they're written for other readers. "In my opinion, a book review is most assuredly not for the author. Never, in no way, absolutely not. Did I mention that it’s not? ‘Cause it’s not." She continues,

"So, if a review is not meant for the writer of the book, then who?

Other readers, of course! (You knew that already, you are so smart.) Potential readers can see if the book sounds like something they might like. Those who have already read the book can use the review to open up a discussion, discover nuances they missed, and so on. A review can turn the intimate experience of reading into a conversation that enlightens both sides."

Robin Brande has two great posts up on and here.

Ally Carter's posts on writing YA were amazing. The Wrong Questions. The Questions That Aren't Getting Asked At All.

I've stumbled upon these mock newbery sites. Anderson's Bookshop. ACPL Mock Newbery. Anokaberry (and here). Eva Perry Mock Newbery Club, Glendale Mock Discussions,

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Serena said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Who would have reviews are for readers! LOL DUH!

Tricia said...

I left you an award. :)

Susan said...

Thank you, Becky, for the comments by Shannon on who book reviews are for. She's absolutely right, of course!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for linking to the middle school kids' blog at Eva Perry Mock Newbery book club! We are having a great time. Please let me know of any other titles we should consider this year.