Monday, February 02, 2009

The Desires of His Heart

Cote, Lyn. 2009. The Desires Of Her Heart.

Can you guess what is wrong with this cover? Three guesses if you're a native Texan! I'll post the answer a little later on.

The Desires Of Her Heart is the first in the Texas Star of Destiny series by Lyn Cote. Dorritt is a young woman from New Orleans traveling--not particularly by choice--with her family (stepfather, mother, half-sister, and their slaves) to Texas. The year? 1821. Their goal? To join Stephen F. Austin's settlement. Why Texas? Her stepfather has gambled away the family's money and they've lost almost everything. Texas is their last chance and only hope. Austin has been granted permission--by the Spanish--to have Americans come and settle down. Of course, they will be leaving the U.S. behind to live under the authority of another government, a foreign government. But when they arrive--thanks in large part to their guide Quinn--they learn that Spain is no longer in control. Mexico has declared their independance. Texas is now being ruled by Mexico...and well, Mexico isn't particularly thrilled to have these Americans come in and claim the land. They don't trust white settlers all that much. Will the family be allowed to stay? The escorting soldiers makes it an iffy proposition. Unfortunately, Dorritt has too much on her mind to worry about that. See, she's fallen for Quinn. The problem standing in the way? Well, there is her father's not-so-glowing personality--I can't quite say what he is--but more importantly to Quinn (at least) there is the fact that he "doesn't belong with" a fine lady. He's a "half breed" (to use the term in the book)--partly white (and American), part Native American. He doesn't feel good enough to marry a lady--even a lady down on her luck. But Dorritt is so head over heels in love with determined to make him see how much he is loved and wanted and needed....that she won't take his dismissal so easily. Add in the fact there is another man in the picture--a Mexican Don--a wealthy landowner--who wants her as his wife, thinks she'd make a perfect Donna. What's a girl to do? One man loves her and wants to give her everything...the other refuses to give her what she wants most of all--his heart.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Desires Of Her Heart, go HERE

Have you figured out what was wrong with the cover yet?

They're flying the Texas flag a bit prematurely aren't they? I mean, it is 1821. In the book, Texas would have flown the Spanish flag (1519-1685; 1690-1821) and the Mexican flag (1821-1836)....but not the flag of the Republic (the state flag as it's known now). Texas was not a republic until 1836. And the flag was adopted by the republic in 1839.

See, even if I hadn't been through half-a-dozen state history classes to learn that Texas has had Six Flags--Spain, France, Mexico, Republic, Confederate, United States. I've been to Six Flags Over Texas enough (in the past, in my glory days when I had energy) to know what is what.

I just find it odd that a book so clearly about the struggle/transition from Spain's rule to Mexico's would feature so silly a mistake. (They could have looked it up on Wikipedia even.) On the author's defense, I believe book covers have very little to do with the author. And this one seems to be quite generic. Like whoever designed the book cover had never bothered to read the book itself. Just saw the word Texas in the title and had at it.

All that being said, the book itself was good.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds really interesting! I don't think I've read anything about that time-period/place, so it would be fun.

Also, I was wondering if it was the flag - and I know nothing about it, really. :) (I've seen a Clark Gable/Ava Gardner film which, I think, was set in the 1840s, but that scarcely makes me an authority. :) - Silly mistake to make, though, I agree - but I don't suppose the author had any say in the matter.) L.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Good catch. And is that really why they call it six flags? Learned something new!

Zibilee said...

Great review! I used your link, and went over and read the first chapter. This looks like it would make very interesting reading. Great call on the flag as well.

Kailana said...

Oh, yay, I got it right! My mother's second husband was a Texan, so I have been to Texas a couple times... I always wondered about the 'Six Flags' thing!

Ara 13 said...

Nice catch. That's why I do my own covers. But had I made a mistake like that, I would want to know pronto. "If you don't get your facts right, they will never believe your fiction." Ara 13, author of Drawers & Booths.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you do judge a book by its cover, Becky. And you're right-authors have very little to say about covers. Yes, I knew that the flag was premature. Glad you enjoyed the book.