Monday, February 02, 2009

Explore Within A Medieval Castle

I don't know if there are words to say how incredibly fun this book is! It's called Explore Within A Medieval Castle, and it is published by Silver Dolphin Books. Here is their description:

Halt! Who goes there? Imagine swords clashing atop the towers and brave knights escorting their ladies in the courtyard! Explore Within a Medieval Castle takes young readers where they’ve never gone before: over the drawbridge and into a mighty castle. Once inside, they can explore its secrets, layer by layer, with a unique sculpted 3-D model. Every turn of the page reveals a new aspect-learn about castle design, medieval tournaments, preparing for battle, cooking in the castle kitchen, and more. This amazing, adventure is unlike any other book for kids-perfect for when they retire to their chambers.

The book isn't just easy on the eyes. (I mean, it is...who wouldn't love to look carefully at all the details...) But it's more than that. More than a toy. It's packed with information. Information just waiting for curious readers to absorb.

The book provides ample information on castles--why they're made of stone, the best locations to build a castle, etc. Including two-page spreads on the gatehouse, the Lord's men, the armory, daily life, inside the castle, on the attack, the great hall, the book has it all and more. And these details aren't overwhelming, everything is so reader-friendly.

I realize that this is a book that you really have to hold in your hands to grasp just how cool it is. And that's why I'm so happy that Silver Dolphin will be sponsoring a contest here at Becky's Book Reviews. That contest announcement is not quite ready--a detail or two remains up in the air--but later this week I hope to let you in on this wonderful little contest.

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Charlotte said...

Ok--I'll be back!

DesLily said...

ooooohhh, i love castles so I'll check back too!

Zibilee said...

This book looks incredibly fun! I would love to get a look at it. Definitely one for my list. Thanks!