Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Friday: Jazz

Myers, Walter Dean. 2006. Jazz. Illustrated by Christopher Myers. Holiday House.

This week I'm in with a review of a poetry book/picture book entitled Jazz. I just love the cover. How about you? There's something so vital about it, so expressive. Which gives you just a glimpse of what the book has to offer readers. The book presents jazz as a living, vital, emotional experience. About as far from boring as you can get! The book is a collection of fifteen poems. And they're good. My personal favorite is "Jazz Vocal." A poem that is just perfect for Valentine's Day.

"Jazz Vocal"
by Walter Dean Myers

A sultry love song, sassy as a summer day,
goes dancing from my heart and fills my mind
with such sweet things to say,

Like I love you oh so much
and I tremble when you touch my hand.
Can you understand?
Or can't you really see
what your beauty does to me
and your every word to me is my command?
It's our song. Our love song.
Can you hear it just beginning
Or am I just imagining those precious sounds?

it's a warm night, and much to my delight
my heart beats like a cool jazz bass,
making a special place for us to follow
as we walk on the edges of a dream
or is that horn man painting the edges of a love moonbeam?
Are those chords the heart of reason
or is this just the silly season to fall in love?
The melody and beat are blending
to a happy-ever-ending for you and me.
It's a love song. A sultry love song. All right.

The book includes a glossary of jazz terms and a time line.
© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews

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