Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Field Guide to Safari Animals

The Field Guide to Safari Animals: Explore Exotic Africa: Includes 59 Pieces To Assemble 8 Safari Animals and a Removable Diorama.

Published by Silver Dolphin, The Field Guide to Safari Animals is a fun and interactive book for kids (and those young-at-heart adults as well). From the publisher, "Young explorers can take the adventure of a lifetime with The Field Guide to Safari Animals. Inside this beautifully designed book, kids will discover the 1924 journal of fictional naturalist Rebecca Mayhew. Through her journal entries, they’ll read all about her exciting adventure across exotic Africa-from tracking lions in Nairobi to marveling at the birth of a baby giraffe in Botswana. Each page is filled with stunning photographs, maps, illustrations and fascinating facts about Africa’s most majestic animals. At the end of this incredible journey, kids can recreate animal scenes by setting up their own stunning display featuring a cool diorama and 8 different animal models. Let’s go on safari!"

Which animals are included in Safari Animals? A Lion, An Elephant, A Leopard, a Zebra, a Giraffe, a Greater Kudu, a Chacma Baboon, and a White Rhinoceros. Each animal has at least a two-page spread (sometimes more) giving readers details about the animals and their habitats. I liked how reader-friendly the book is. Not only is the book fun because there are animals to build and play with but the book is fun because there are hundreds of things to learn about as well. Fascinating facts that speak for themselves.

If safari animals aren't your thing, you may want to choose dinosaurs, ocean animals, or rain forest animals instead.

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April said...

My daughter got this book a few months ago and we love it! It's just the coolest thing and so great with how you can build the animals and set up the scene. One of our favorite books!