Thursday, February 05, 2009

Model Masters: Dragons

Model Masters: Dragons. The book includes 4 dragon models, 32 page book, 6 (0.17 oz/5 ml) pots of paint, 2 (0.17 oz/5ml) pots of glaze, and a paintbrush. From the publisher:

Embark on an adventure into the enchanted lands of dragons, where you will discover the origins, powers, and legends of these mythological beasts. From the fire-breathing Western dragon to the three-headed hydra, assemble, paint, and display these magical and mighty creatures from worlds beyond your imagination!

Can't get enough of dragons? Looking for something fun--nice and artsy--to do? You may want to try making your own dragon.

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Anonymous said...

I think out of all three, this is my favorite. I am a sucker for a set of paints and something to paint. ;)