Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mama Don't Allow

Hurd, Thacher. 1984. Mama Don't Allow.

If you're like me, this one will bring back a particular memory: Reading Rainbow. Mama Don't Allow is just one of many titles that I was introduced to on the children's program Reading Rainbow. When I was first inspired to have a jazz week, I knew I'd have to track down a copy of this book. And I was pleased to see there is a 25th Anniversary edition of the book available from HarperCollins! I hadn't realized it'd gotten that old. (Not how I didn't say I'd gotten that old.)

This book is about a little boy, Miles, who loves to play his saxophone. Only one problem: his mother doesn't like to hear him play his music. And she's not alone. It seems that almost everyone wants him to take his music somewhere else, someplace else, far, far away. Where does a boy have to go to be appreciated? If you're Miles, then you'll have to trek your way down to the swamp. Miles and his swamp band are a BIG hit. And I bet that you can guess WHO wants them to spend lots of time in the swamp--making music. The alligators. They love his music--his loud and jazzy music. But is there an ulterior motive?

© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews


Zibilee said...

I love how colorful and vibrant this book looks!

Sharyla said...

I LOVED Reading Rainbow as a kid. I just saw the guy (whose name just left my head) on The Soup recently and my boyfriend (who doesn't read and is 15 years older than me ) didn't get why I was so excited to see him.

And, this looks like an awesome book. I have a couple nephews that may be getting a random book for no reason other than their Aunt loves them. ::grins::

Florinda said...

As soon as I saw the cover of this book on your post, I heard music in my head singing "Mama don't allow..." When my son was preschool age, we used to enjoy watching Reading Rainbow together - it was one of his favorite shows.

And for a few years, when he'd act up, I'd have to tell him, musically, "Mama don't allow..." :-). Thanks for a great memory!

Unknown said...

YES! As soon as I saw this I thought about Reading Rainbow! The guy that read/performed it on the show was named Fred and he was on the new version of the Mickey Mouse Club in the 90's with Britney, Christina, Justin, etc.

Anonymous said...



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