Monday, February 16, 2009

TV Meme

I saw this one at My Friend Amy's blog.

1. Name a TV show series in which you have seen every episode at least twice: Stargate SG-1 (I'm sure I've seen seasons 1-8 at least four times each; seasons nine and ten I've seen twice.)
2. Name a show you can’t miss: Life on Mars.
3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to watch a show: I can't think of any actor specifically. I mean it helps if there's a cute guy on it. But it's not a must by any means. It has to stand on its own merit, you know?
4. Name an actor who would make you less likely to watch a show: I can think of several. But I won't name names! But such is the case of Boston Legal which I just abhor and which Dad just loves.
5. Name a show you can, and do, quote from: Stargate SG-1. Indeed. We're always saying "Offworld activation, close the iris!"
6. Name a show you like that no one else enjoys: I'm fortunate in that there are shows that I share with Mom, and shows that I share with Dad. Same goes with movies by the way.
7. Name a TV show which you’ve been known to sing the theme song: Stargate SG-1.
8. Name a show you would recommend everyone to watch: I don't know that any such show exists. I mean there are shows I enjoy, really enjoy, but to say that everyone--universally--should have to watch them? Not so much. I enjoy Life On Mars, Law & Order SVU, Biggest Loser, Dancing With the Stars.
9. Name a TV series you own: Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Next Generation, Alias,
10. Name an actor who launched his/her entertainment career in another medium, but has surprised you with his/her acting choices in television: I almost don't even get this question. I can't think of anyone.
11. What is your favourite episode of your favourite series? "Window of Opportunity" Stargate SG-1;
12. Name a show you keep meaning to watch, but you just haven’t gotten around to yet: Can't think of any really. The sad thing is that I'll see an advertisement for a show make a point to give it a try, but two or three weeks later it has already been cancelled. After that happening again and gets frustrating. It's even more frustrating to sit down with a show from the first episode and making a point to watch it every week hoping that by watching live you'll be counted in the ratings/viewers...and it still end up being cancelled.
13. Ever quit watching a show because it was so bad? I have given up several this season, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy; I've also given up on my soaps. No more All My Children or General Hospital for me.
14. Name a show that’s made you cry multiple times: I'm not quite sure what they have in mind. I mean I get emotional at times depending on the episode. But a show that is always, always that way? I can't think of any offhand that I watch.
15. What do you eat when you watch TV? um, dinner? Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack.
16. How often do you watch TV? It's on most of the time, but I don't watch anything all that closely except for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I watch mainly DVDs. Some of the DVDs are of TV shows. I don't know what 'counts' here.
17. What’s the last TV show you watched? Last night I watched Masterpiece Theatre. Today I've only seen snippets of the news and about five or ten minutes of a judge show.
18. What’s your favourite/preferred genre of TV? I don't know. Good music helps. Being able to understand does to.
19. What was the first TV show you were obsessed with? Dallas? Does that make me weird?
20. What TV show do you wish you never watched? Two and a Half Men. I hate that show now. I hate it.
21. What’s the weirdest show you enjoyed? Some might think the Teletubbies were weird. But I love, love, loved that show.
22. What TV show scared you the most? I can't think of any specifically. I get scared at times. But it is more by things you'd not expect--sudden shots of owls, clowns, mimes, etc.
23. What is the funniest TV show you have ever watched? There was a skit in Howie Did It that had me laughing for a good long while.

Amy added question 24
24) What show was cancelled too early? That's all a matter of perspective! I don't think Stargate should have been cancelled. I could watch it forever and ever and ever and ever. But most people would think ten seasons is a long time. And it is, technically. But still....

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Bellezza said...

Sadly, I do not watch enought television to be able to answer these questions. I do love Masterpiece Theater, though, does that count? :)

Anonymous said...

You don't like Stargate do you? LOL. I grew up watching Star Trek. The TV we watch right now are Lost, Ugly Betty, The Office and Smallville.

Anonymous said...

My hubby's a huge Stargate fan, too. I also enjoy it - especially the first few seasons with Daniel Jackson - he's dreamy. :)

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