Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Intentions: Time Travel

I don't know about you, but my travel plans for this summer are TIME TRAVEL plans. I plan to hop around in the twentieth century, the nineteenth century, and the FUTURE.

Because Victorian books tend to be on the long side, I was thinking that I could spend all summer reading and reviewing these. No need to rush or be in a hurry after all.

For the twentieth century, I am thinking of devoting the month of June. Some of these time-travel inspired posts will be ordinary book reviews. But I thought of also pulling in some movie reviews, music reviews, top ten lists, etc.

For the FUTURE, I thought I would devote the month of July to reading speculative fiction, specifically science fiction, dystopias, apocalyptic, post-apocalpytic.

As for August, I do have some ideas. I want to REALLY celebrate my tenth blogiversary because I feel TEN is a huge number! I'm not sure if that means a lot of rereading in my future, or, if it means a lot of list-making! My one goal is to SCHEDULE AHEAD posts for every day of the Summer Olympics so that I don't spend those weeks on the computer blogging!

Since I also NEED to focus more on books published in 2016, maybe most of the pre-scheduled August posts can be for 2016 books?!

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