Friday, July 30, 2010

Everlasting (YA)

Everlasting. Angie Frazier. 2010. June 2010. Scholastic. 336 pages.

1855 San Francisco
Camille clicked the latches down on her trunk and glanced out her bedroom window. White haze choked the small seaport, and the fog bells sounding across the bay echoed in her chest. Fitting weather to mark the death of her freedom

I love this cover. I do. There is something so sweet about this cover. It reminds me of "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid. And that isn't the only Disney movie that comes to mind either.

Camille is engaged to be married to Randall Jackson, but his kisses inspire no passion within her. And she can't help feeling there is something missing in their relationship. When the novel opens, Camille is preparing to sail on a final trip with her father. He's a sea captain. She's been accompanying him for years. She feels so at home at sea. She knows this is one of the things she'll miss most after she's married.

Oscar Kildare, her father's first mate, is also sailing with the Christina. Camille's father senses there is something between Oscar and Camille--some attraction--so he tries his best to remind his daughter of her duty. She is to marry Randall in a few months. She should not be spending time with Oscar. Nothing good can come of it. So he thinks...

This is no ordinary trip. It will be her father's final voyage. And before he dies, he betrays Camille. (So she thinks.) She finds the true purpose for this trip, finds the letter he's been keeping secret, and learns a VERY big secret that he's been keeping from her for sixteen years. Camille will have decisions to make. BIG decisions that will change her life forever.

Everlasting is a historical romance with magical elements. There is plenty of action and adventure too. (Think Pirates of the Caribbean.)

I like this one. I like the romance between Oscar and Camille. (It reminds me of Will and Elizabeth.)

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Clover 2:58 PM  

Aww! I saw that cover and I thought of Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid too :)

RivkaBelle,  8:52 PM  

I'm reading this one now! It reminds me of 'The Princetta' which I read earlier this spring ...

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