Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She Stoops to Conquer

She Stoops to Conquer. Oliver Goldsmith. 1773. 80 pages. [Read the play online.]

I vow, Mr. Hardcastle, you're very particular. Is there a creature in the whole country but ourselves, that does not take a trip to town now and then, to rub off the rust a little?

She Stoops To Conquer is a wonderfully funny, oh-so-charming play that I adored.

It stars the Hardcastle family. Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle. Mrs. Hardcastle's son, Tony Lumpkin; Mr. Hardcastle's daughter, Miss Kate Hardcastle; Mrs. Hardcastle's niece, Miss Constance Neville.

Charles Marlow and his friend George Hastings are on their way to visit the Hardcastles. Charles' father is friends with Mr. Hardcastle. And this Mr. Hardcastle has a daughter. It is his father's wish that the two meet. If the two suit each other, then a marriage may soon follow. Hastings has his own business in accompanying his friend. He is well acquainted with Miss Constance. He would love to be even better acquainted. If he has his way, then the two will soon be eloping.

Marlow and Hastings get lost. Who should give them 'better' directions than Tony Lumpkin? Well, if Tony wasn't so frustrated with his mother and stepfather, maybe no one. But Tony wants to have a little fun. So he sends the two on their way, telling them about how they should spend the night at a nearby inn before going on their way.

The inn in question? The Hardcastle home. No doubt about it, Marlow finds Mr. Hardcastle an uncommon innkeeper! And he mistakes Miss Kate for a barmaid. And there the fun begins...

I loved, loved, loved this play! I hope that you'll want to give it a chance as well.

There was a wonderful adaptation made in 2008. You can read my review of that movie here.

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