Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Geeks: Books You Waited Too Long to Read

This week's weekly geeks asks us to share books we wish we'd read sooner. 

Once in a while I read a book I have had for years and I think “How the hell did I miss this one?  Why did I not read this one before?

Is there a book that has hang around your reading pile for far too long before you got to it, A book that probably got packed away until you accidentally got to it or a book that you read a few pages in and never got back to.

If so share or ask your readers about that book that really made an impression on them (good or bad) after having it or hearing about it for far too long?
Connie Willis' Doomsday Book. As much as I loved, loved, loved To Say Nothing of the Dog, WHY didn't I pick up this one too?! As much as I am fascinated by time travel, by science fiction, WHY didn't I make this one a priority?! As much as I love historical fiction, WHY didn't I "know" that I would love this one?! I read Doomsday Book this past week. I more than loved it. I LOVED it. This is one I want to recommend to everyone!

My next choice isn't really a particular book--it's an author! Terry Pratchett. I wish I'd known how much I was going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! I wish I'd read The Wee Free Men, Hat Full of Sky, and Wintersmith sooner. And then there's The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. I'll be reading I Shall Wear Midnight next. But where should I go from there?!

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Erotic Horizon 11:08 AM  

Hey Becky ..

I am so glad this topic called to you this week.. And what luck you had just read a book that made your day...

I am hoping over now to read your review... thanks for the heads up...

Terry Pratchett work is all kinda something special..


Lenore 11:19 AM  

I also LOVED Doomsday Book. I think it came up as an amazon rec one day, and it just sounded like the perfect book for me, for all the reasons you mentioned. And then I just had to read it. Which I did - immediately. And I've re-read at least 5 times by now.

Christina T 12:15 PM  

I still need to try Terry Pratchett. I've heard his books are fantastic. I really want to read the Tiffany Aching books especially. Maybe I'll get to them next year!

For me, I read Harry Potter only after book 5 was published and I was also late to read the Percy Jackson books and I'm now a big fan of Rick Riordan. Jane Eyre hung out on my bookshelves for years before I finished it (I started in in Jr. high when I bought the book and didn't finish till I was in college!)

Suko 4:37 PM  

When I finally picked up The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency, I had this same reaction. I really should have read the book (and series) earlier, and I wondered why I hadn't!

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf 4:42 PM  

Your next Terry Pratchett book, should definitely be Nation!

Kerrie 5:41 PM  

I found it too hard to think about books I've left on the shelves for months even years (there are just too many of them), so my post is a little different

Anonymous,  5:05 AM  

Well, you've got my Pterry advice already...:)L.

Margaret 6:08 AM  

I felt the same way about Harry Potter. I didn't start the series until the last book game out. I loved them all.

You should start reading the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, lots of books in there, some better than others. He is a very talented author.

TwoBibliomaniacs 2:12 PM  

Great topic! For us it was Jasper Fforde's, Thursday Next series. We've always loved Jane Eyre can't believe it took us so long to visit Thornfield Hall in his parallel universe.

Megan 7:29 AM  

I just got a copy of Doomsday Book at a used book sale this year. Sounds like one that I should let sit around for too long! :)

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