Saturday, October 09, 2010

Restoring Harmony (YA)

Restoring Harmony. Joelle Anthony. 2010. May 2010. Penguin. 320 pages.

When the plane's engine took on a whining roar, my grip tightened on my fiddle case.

Molly McClure has led a good life, a sheltered life. Her family hasn't suffered terribly since the Collapse of 2031. They've lived well--or at least well enough--on a small farming island in Canada. Molly has heard stories about her American family--her grandparents--but she's about to meet them for the first time. Her parents are sending her away. Why? Well, her mom has heard--quite incompletely--that her mother has had a stroke. Is she dead or alive? We just don't know. Either way, Molly's grandfather might need her. And the truth is that they might just need him. He's a doctor and Molly's mom is pregnant. If all goes well, Molly should not be returning alone.

Restoring Harmony is about her journey, her experience, leaving the only life she's ever known. It's a story about growing up, being brave, and facing the unknown. What does Molly think of 'the real world'? What does she think of this 'new reality'? It's nice that readers see this collapsed world through her eyes--not as someone who has lived it for a decade--but as someone realizing for the first time, perhaps, how lucky she is. Most people are struggling just to provide the basic necessities--food, shelter, etc. Not everyone Molly meets is struggling, however. There is one mystery guy--just call him Spill--who seems to have all the right connections. And since he's fond of "Handsome Molly" her luck may just continue during her trip. But. She may never be the same...

I really enjoyed Restoring Harmony. I'm not sure that I LOVED it. (The last two sentences didn't quite work for me.) But I really enjoyed it. I liked Molly. But I loved Spill. It has its dark, dangerous moments that make it interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there certainly does seem to be a very dystopian theme to your reading - hope you are enjoying yourself; keep up the good work and have fun!:) L.

Jan von Harz said...

Hour 9-10

Twist and shout your spirit knocks me out!

Looks like you're hangin in there. Hope you are having fun!

I am awed by both your reading and reviewing.