Saturday, October 23, 2010

Muppet Peter Pan

Muppet Peter Pan. Grace Randolph. 2010. Boom. 112 pages.

This is London Town.

I really liked Muppet Peter Pan. I think it works so much better than Muppet Robin Hood. One of the things I liked best about the book was the fact that it acknowledges the flaws of the original. Peter Pan is selfish. Peter Pan is always thinking of himself. He's the center of his universe.

Muppet Peter Pan isn't afraid to make changes in its storytelling. This Peter Pan is set in America--in Boston--in 1912. The father is played by Sam the Eagle. Wendy played--for better or worse--by Janice. Peter Pan, of course, is Kermit. And Miss Piggy is Piggytink. Can you guess who plays Captain Hook and Smee? Gonzo and Rizzo!

When Piggytink first meets Peter Pan, she is sad that he's been abandoned by his mom. She thinks everyone deserves a childhood, so she takes him to Never-swamp. She means him to have a childhood--not an everlasting childhood. But Peter hears what he wants to hear. And he thinks that he will never ever have to grow up. Lately, Peter Pan has been visiting three children. He loves to hear the stories they tell. (Readers should note that they are telling stories about Peter Pan--his ever-famous adventure of how Captain Hook lost his hand.) You know the rest, he's lost his shadow, Wendy "helps" him out, and the adventure begins.

Plenty of changes have been made to the story. But I liked the changes. I thought it was a very fun adaptation. I would recommend it.

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