Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Odyssey (YA/Adult)

The Odyssey. Gareth Hinds. 2010. October 2010. Candlewick Press. 256 pages.

Sing to me, O Muse, of that man of many troubles, Odysseus, skilled in all ways of contending, who wandered far after he helped sack the great city of Troy. Sing through me, and tell the story of his suffering, his trials and adventures, and his bloody homecoming.

Gareth Hinds newest graphic novel is an adaptation of Homer's Odyssey. I loved it. I really loved it. It is beautifully done. The story. The art. Everything is just so amazing. It was hard for me to put this one down! There's action, adventure, and romance.

The story begins by introducing readers to the family Odysseus left behind: his faithful wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus. They are having a difficult time. Penelope has many suitors. Men who have been trying to "woo" her for over a decade. Meanwhile, these "suitors" are enjoying their hospitality. Telemachus decides to go on a quest to find news of his father--to learn one way or the other his father's fate.

But this isn't just his story. No, readers learn of Odysseus' journey from Odysseus himself, as he is telling it as a story. A wild series of misadventures--expect violence, danger, sex, and seduction. Will Odysseus ever make it home? Will Penelope still be there waiting?

I definitely recommend this one! I think it adapts well to the graphic novel format. I wasn't intimidated by it at all. The story was easy to follow. It was so exciting.

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Paige Y. said...
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Paige Y. said...

Sounds great, Becky. I just ordered for my library based your review. I think it will be a hit with my students who love Rick Riordan's books

Heidenkind said...

This sounds fun! I will have to keep an eye out for it.

Eygam said...

I am sorry but I don't like this review. I would be more interested in your opinion on the style of drawing, narrative and things which makes this book distinct from other adaptations. I don't think it is necessary do describe the story, everyone knows it. (OK...everyone SHOULD know it...)