Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Crazy Summer (MG)

One Crazy Summer. Rita Williams-Garcia. 2010. [January 2010] HarperCollins. 218 pages.

Good thing the plane had seat belts and we'd been strapped in right before takeoff. Without them, that last jolt would have been enough to throw Vonetta into orbit and Fern across the aisle.

Historical fiction set in the summer of 1968. 

Three girls travel cross country to visit the mother that abandoned them in Rita Williams-Garcia's newest novel, One Crazy Summer. Delphine, the oldest of the three, narrates. Of the three, she is the one who remembers their mother best--which isn't saying all that much. What can they learn from their mother in 28 days?

In many ways, 28 days feels like forever. Especially since their mother continues to push them away. She makes it clear--time and time again--that she does not want them in her home, in her life, and especially in her kitchen. But. The girls continue to try, continue to cope. Like it or not, they're there for the month. And since their mother doesn't want to spend any of her time with them, well, they're on their own. The three end up spending their days in the community learning about the Black Panthers--from the Black Panthers.

One Crazy Summer is a novel about relationships--between mother and daughter, of course, but also between sisters. These three have their issues--with one another--but they love one another too. And Delphine struggles with being both a sister and a substitute mom. It's also a coming of age story.

I enjoyed One Crazy Summer. It's a great novel. Written very well. The narrative voice is incredible--moving, compelling, believable. I would definitely recommend this one.

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Shannon, StorySnoops said...

I read this book for our site and loved it! It was a great book - as educational and it was engaging. I learned a lot myself, and yet it never felt like I was being "taught to". I highly recommend this book, as well! Thanks for showcasing it.