Saturday, October 23, 2010

Muppet Robin Hood

Muppet Robin Hood. Tim Beedle. 2009. Boom. 112 pages.

It is 1192 in our great kingdom of England. For three long years our beloved sovereign, King Richard the Lionheart, has been occupied with The Crusades, leaving his brother Prince John to rule the realm.

Kermit stars as Robin Hood in the Muppet adaptation of Muppet Robin Hood. Maid Marian, of course, is played by the lovely Miss Piggy. Some of the other casting choices may surprise you. (I wasn't expecting the ever-annoying Pepe the King Prawn to be Richard.) There were some pleasant surprises. For example, the Crusades Richard is "occupied" with is a rock band--he's part of the band, and they're on tour.

Muppet Robin Hood didn't quite work for me. I liked it in places. But. For the most part, I was disappointed. I hated Janice as Willa Scarlet. I don't think I liked any of her scenes--or lines. I think the book would have been better with someone else in the role.

It is very silly. And silly can be good. But I didn't enjoy Muppet Robin Hood as much as I wanted to.

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