Saturday, October 23, 2010

Muppet King Arthur

Muppet King Arthur. Paul Benjamin and Patrick Storck. 2010. Boom. 112 pages.

Britain without a king. A dark, foreboding place.
A contest to remove the fabled sword Excalibur from its hold
begins our story of this tale oft told.

I enjoyed Muppet King Arthur more than Muppet Robin Hood. But I didn't like Muppet King Arthur quite as much as Muppet Peter Pan. While I enjoyed many things about Muppet King Arthur, I'll be honest: I hated the illustrations.

The story is enjoyable--though again liberties have been taken--and the casting works. (I liked having a chicken in the role of Guinevere and Gonzo cast as Sir Lancelot.) There are hundreds of jokes in Muppet King Arthur. It's a very silly adaptation.

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