Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lockdown (YA)

Lockdown. Walter Dean Myers. 2010. HarperCollins. 247 pages.

"I hope you mess this up! I hope you blow it big-time! You're supposed to be smart. You think you're smart, right?"

Reese, just fourteen, is serving time at Progress--a juvenile detention center. Because he's shown promise in the twenty-two months he's been there, he's chosen for a new work program. He'll be working ten days a month at Evergreen, an assisted living center for senior citizens. He's hoping that his good behavior and his new and improved attitude, will help him get released sooner.

But. Nothing is ever that easy. Life at Progress isn't easy. No matter how much he tries to stay out of fights, tries to not let himself be provoked into bad situations, Reese struggles. Daily. Reese never expected to find a role model at Evergreen. Especially one as cranky as Mr. Hooft. This "friendship" is a struggle too. But it's worth it.

I liked Lockdown. I liked Reese. It was an easy read, a compelling one. I would recommend this one.

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Karen C said...

It sounds really intruiging. I must look into this one.

Kaye said...

This kind of stories are my one of my fave must read stories. It sound so interesting.