Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Reminder

I announced this a week or so ago, but with it being the holiday season and all...I'm sure everyone could use a friendly reminder or two before the January 11th deadline. I am hosting the 7th edition of the Bookworms Carnival. I will host it at my blog, Reading with Becky.

The theme for January 2008 is

Best Books of 2007

There are several options. You could create your own "best of" list of books you've read and loved in the past year. You might want to make this a list with notes or commentary. But that isn't a requirement necessarily. Or you could submit a book review of the book you think is THE BEST of the year. Your list can be general or specific. Your focus can be looking at all books or just books about pirates in space fighting spiders. :)

The deadline for submission is January 11th.

Submissions for this carnival are by email. Email me at laney_po AT yahoo DOT com. Please use the word Bookworms AND/OR the word Carnival in your subject line. Thank you!


Renay said...

Uh, wait. Were you just being clever or is there really a book about pirates in space fighting spiders (I mean, besides Larklight. I am curious. XD

Becky said...

I was thinking of Larklight! I was wondering if anyone would catch that. I haven't read the sequel to Larklight yet--it's on my tbr pile though so hopefully I'll get to it soon. So I don't know if the pirates fighting spider theme continues or not. But wouldnt' it be fun if there were tons of books for that list?!

Paige Y. said...


My list includes several books written before 2007 but I didn't read them until this year. Does that count?