Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Reading Challenge

Some of you may be shaking your heads and thinking, "What on earth is Becky doing joining another challenge when she has so so so so so much to do????" My answer, well, I'm going to be reading these books anyway, I might as well lump them together and say they're challenge reads. (The challenge goes through February)

A is for Angst by Barbara Haworth-Attard
The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss
Revolution is Not A Dinner Party by Ying Chang Compestine
While Shepherds Watched by Steven Roberts
Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
Right Behind You by Gail Giles
Dawn and Dusk by Alice Mead
Edward's Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan
No Talking by Andrew Clements
Winnie the Pooh and House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne
Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin
Lessons From A Dead Girl by Jo Knowles


soleil said...

holy hell that's a lot of books! good luck on getting through them all. :)

Becky said...

I know. Believe me, I know. I don't have copies of all of them--at least not yet--and as I said, I'm really only going to have to read a little over a third of them. But still!!!

DebD said...

OMG! That is a lot of books. And here I thought I had put too many on my list!

MagistraCarminum said...

Wow- I'm impressed with anyone who can read that fast, or maybe who is so very hopeful! :-)

And what are the "Cybils"?

Chris in NM

Becky said...

The Cybils is an award given by bloggers recognizing the best books for children and young adults.