Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Jars

Wright, Jason F. 2005. Christmas Jars.

I am so glad I found this to read before Christmas. When it came to my mailbox a few months ago, I set it to the side. I wanted to save it until it was really and truly Christmas. (A time when it wasn't 70 or 80 degrees outside.) Well, yesterday was the day. I loved this one. I did. It was just the right mix. It was sentimental and heartwarming, but it wasn't overly done. It was just a real, feel-good, warm and fuzzy read. One that I think everyone would enjoy. It's relatively short--a little over 120 pages--and it's just an enjoyable, satisfying holiday read. I don't want to get it into plot summary because there really isn't a way to do it justice. You'll just have to trust me that this works.

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