Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Greetings and a Book Review

On Wednesday, December 19th, Becky, LittleMiss, LittleMiss' Mama, and select other friends got together to celebrate Christmas early. LittleMiss as always was just adorable. She looked so adorable in her Christmas jumper. Here are the goodies LittleMiss took home:

3 books by Sam McBratney
2 books by Beatrix Potter

But LittleMiss wasn't quite satisfied with just her goodies. No, she wanted--she really, really wanted her Mama's new potholders.

And really, who could resist such bright and colorful creations? Not LittleMiss, certainly. And....wait a minute...she's not the only one....

Pilly, or Pilgrim, can't resist them either! Who could have ever guessed that homemade, quilted pot holders would be the smash of the 2007 holiday season??? Pilly and Sarah both like to chew on them. Hot pink must taste good!

Becky knew that LittleMiss' daddy loved reading the book Guess How Much I Love You to his little darlin' she hoped these new sequels would be much-appreciated.

LittleMiss really enjoys her new books, "Colors Everywhere" and "When I'm Big" by Sam McBratney from Miss Becky. She loves hearing how little Nutbrown hare learns about growing up and the beautiful colors in the world around him. Normally LittleMiss' Daddy reads her stories about the little Nutbrown hare, her Mama just couldn't wait so she had to give her sneak peek.

The two books really are delightful especially if you're already a fan of Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram. In Colors Everywhere, Big and Little Nutbrown Hare discuss the colors they see around them in nature on a bright summer's day. Sky blue. Leafy green. Berry red. Flowery yellow. Nutbrown brown. And in When I'm Big, Big and Little Nutbrown Hare discuss how everything grows and changes. Tadpoles become frogs. Acorns become trees. Caterpillars become butterflies, etc. Overall, I say these two books are definitely too much fun to resist if you can't get enough of these two hares.


chrisa511 said...

She is the cutest little girl!!! She has the prettiest smile :) What a great Christmas! Love the dog by the way :D

Erin said...

Awwwww she is ADORABLE. *melts*