Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street's Sesame Workshop has launched a website where you can watch Sesame video clips. Cookie Monster has 105 videos. Ernie and Bert 97 videos. Big Bird 33 videos. Elmo 66 videos. Zoe has 37 videos. (37 too many in my opinion!) The Count has 56 videos. Grover has 134 videos. There are other videos besides those as well. I haven't explored everything fully yet. But it does have a search function. Typing "Subway" will get you that haunting eery 70s song about riding the Subway. Unfortunately, typing "Exit" won't get you my favorite song about the exit--the one that goes "exit, it's the way way out." And ends with the singer NOT being able to find the exit. It has 46 clips on "water" alone. It DOES have the song "There's a brand new baby at Katie's house..." And perhaps the BEST BEST BEST song of recent years the Tortellini song. It features monsters trying to teach the baby a new word. I could easily spend hours at this site...and I bet you could too!!!

Of course you can see some of these on You Tube. But the quality is SO SO SO much better at the Sesame workshop.


chrisa511 said...

That's so cool :D I love all the old Sesame Street stuff...unfortunately, it's gone down the tube so much in recent my opinion at least. Maybe it's just because I'm not a kid anymore, who knows. It just seems like it used to be such better quality!

Becky said...


I grew up listening to 70s Sesame albums...but of course the only Sesame I remember is the 80s Sesame. I didn't really give up Sesame for the longest. It's not that I *needed* it to know my numbers or letters. It's just that the characters are so fun. Cookie is my favorite.

While part of me is in full, full agreement that 'classic' Sesame is better. The stuff I grew up with, the stuff I remember. I think part of it is the nostalgia factor.

I find a handful of the newer characters to be very very very annoying. And I miss some of the old features--like Monsterpiece Theatre. And Kermit's news bits.

I like it best when the show integrates new and old. Like how for the past few years, each episode has become structured. There's a certain time for each feature. I love the Bert and Ernie--because more often than not they're classic clips.

I did buy the Old School Sesame DVD set and it was fun. Santa is bringing me volume 2 this Christmas.

chrisa511 said...

The Sesame DVDs are in fact very tempting :) I like the Bert and Ernie segments too for the same reason you mentioned...they usually use old clips. I wanted to tell you, Carl at reviewed Ender's Game today and he loved it! Lots of discussion going on about it!

Melissa said...

I so totally agree... it was much much better when we were kids. In fact, my two youngest haven't even watched it mostly because I don't like it any more. I might have to get the old DVDs (warning be hanged!) to show them what the *real* Sesame Street is. Thanks for the link. I'm sure we'll spend hours there.

And I guess you've got to have some kind of diversion when you're reading all those depressing books. (hard to review, too, huh?) Hang in there... Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature isn't depressing. That's at least one. :)

Becky said...


If I could pick and choose my Sesame segments, I'd watch the modern Sesame. If only there was a way to filter out certain characters. The bits I like from today's shows...I love Slimy and Oscar and the Adventures of Trash Gordan. I love how Slimy ends the show with his high-pitched "Read more! Read more!" I love Journey to Ernie. The song is just fun for me. It's just too fun to sing along with. I love Bert & Ernie's skits. As I said to Chris, 70-80% of the time they're "classic" songs or sketches that I'm already familiar with.

But the GOOD thing is that there is a set schedule, a pattern, to these newer shows. You know which minute(s) to tune in. For example, Journey to Ernie and Ernie & Bert are back-to-back clips about 20 to 25 minutes in. Then you can tune right back out and come back for the last three minutes.

I do recommend the DVDs however. Well, the first volume I've seen firsthand. I imagine the second volume will be just as good.

Killlashandra said...

I agree, I think the Sesame Street DVDs are great. W.W is particularly fond of the Elmo series. But then we're definitely in the everyone loves elmo phase right now.

Melissa said...

I think it's the predictibility that bugs me about the new shows. They take the show so seriously now. I think the older ones were more about having fun and getting a bit of learning along the way. Whereas the newer ones are more about learning with having a little fun along the way. They're just not as much fun. (I find Journey to Ernie annoying. But then, the Muppets have never been the same for me after Jim Henson's death. I've tried, but I just don't like them as much.)

BTW, do you know if they have any clips of that crazy piano composer guy who couldn't sing mary had a little lamb or row, row, row your boat and composed new versions of them? I'd love to see those clips, but I can't remember the name of the character!

Ryan Roe said...

Melissa: The frustrated composer's name was Don Music.

Kakie said...

Hi Becky, I love these! Nothing more CLASSIC than Sesame Street. My FAVORITE is Burt "Doing the PIGEON" his movements are hysterical. I found myself one day sitting home roaring with laughter about it. I would definately rate it as a must watch. Would love to hear your comments after seeing it.

In honor of Sesame Street, maybe someone could have a theme on a book tour "Today's Carnival is sponsored by the letter....."

Thanks for the laughs!

Co-Author, Bur Bur and Friends Book Series

Becky said...

I do like Doin' the Pidgeon. The song not actually imitating Bert or anything :) I really love most Bert and Ernie sketches. They're such great fun. I think it would be a great idea to start each carnival with a "Today's carnival is sponsored by the letter . . . and the number . . ." very very fun. :)