Friday, December 28, 2007

Takeoffs and Landings

Peterson, Margaret Haddix. 2001. Takeoffs and Landings.

Can a two week vacation with your mother change your life? It can if you’re Chuck and Lori and your mother is a famous motivational speaker. Don’t believe me?... read TAKEOFFS AND LANDINGS. After Chuck and Lori lose their father in a tragic tractor accident, their mother begins to support the family by traveling all over the United States giving motivational speeches for various companies and conventions. With each trip, her older children have resented her more and more. Resented the fact that she’s never there. Resented the fact that she’s different than before. Resented the fact that she never talks about their father. Living with their grandparents and younger brothers and sisters who can barely remember their father, life has moved on for all but them. But now their mom is home and convinced that she can change her relationship with her son and daughter if only she can spend some quality time with them. So relunctantly, the three set off on a wild trip...full of emotions...full of expectations...and nobody certain of the outcome.

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