Friday, December 21, 2007

Poetry Friday: Christmas

This one is an 'original' poem by me written circa 1996 or 1997. I wrote it as part of a Christmas present for my sister. I was making a scrapbook just about us. This poem was accompanied some pictures of us....


By Becky Laney

Excitement fills the air
As two small girls are tucked in bed.
Their breath still tastes of cookies and milk
(that they sampled as they prepared a plate for Santa.)
They can barely keep from smiling
As they hang their stockings on the door.
What will Santa bring me?
I've been very good this year!
They close their eyes and listen for the sound of
Jingle bells…
They wait and wait
And at last they hear them ring!
It's four a.m. and both are up again.
It must be from the cookies and milk…
Not that they want to peek.
They sneak into the den
And go at a snail's pace…
Searching through the darkness
For a glimpse of something new!
They pass their stockings
Full to the brim and feel along the toe!
Oh, what could make that shape?
Finally they close their eyes
When suddenly it seems…
That it is almost six o'clock.
They turn on one small lamp
(that is all they dare)
and quietly whisper
what they saw
last time they went to see!
Seven o'clock comes
And two small girls awake…
To the challenge of tiptoeing
Rather noisily to see if Dad's awake.
The morning has finally come.
Oh, what joy it brings
To two small girls

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Erin said...

This made me smile. :) Great job with it.

Unknown said...

Thank you pO! I always enjoy stopping on this page in the scrapbook! MERRY CHRISTMAS! With love, your brother-n-law

Dewey said...

Aw, I bet your sister loved this poem and the scrapbook!