Thursday, July 31, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

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I had a couple of people (Readerville and Nithin) leave me suggestions in response to last week’s post on Beginnings, but this one was already on its way! I mean, it was the obvious next question….

What are your favourite final sentences from books? Is there a book that you liked specially because of its last sentence? Or a book, perhaps that you didn’t like but still remember simply because of the last line?

This shouldn't surprise too many people. But my answer is once again GWTW related.

 "After all, tomorrow is another day" It may be a bit predictable as a favorite. But there you have it.

My unpredictable response is the last line in Joe Haldeman's The Accidental Time Machine: "In 2072, Jonathan Marsh would be given the Nobel Prize in physics, for discovering a curious kind of time travel." If you haven't read the book, then you'll be clueless as to why this makes for a great last sentence. But trust me, it works when you have!

Going back to predictable, the third book I'll highlight is Their Eyes Were Watching God:

"She called in her soul to come and see." It's pulled from a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful closing paragraph. But I'm pressed for time, so there I'll leave it.

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Confuzzled Shannon said...

I like the one from There Eye Were Watching God.

SmilingSally said...

You make a valid point: final sentences are lost to those who have not read the book.