Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Google Group, Reading With Becky

Everyone is invited to join my new google group, READING WITH BECKY. Please leave your email address in the comments of this post. Or if you’d prefer, email me and I’ll send you an invite. I’m hoping that by taking this extra step–instead of making the group “public”–that I’ll be able to avoid some spam. (I have had spammers sign up to Mr. Linkys before which was just very very weird!) But all book lovers are welcome.

As we transition over from a Wordpress blog to a google group, I would like to place the emphasis on the group. This isn’t “my” group. This is “our” group. You are an important part of the group. Your opinions are valuable; your participation is central. Without your continued time and energy, this would just be me posting about me. And that just isn’t much fun!!!

One of the main reasons I’m happy to make the switch is that I want group members to have the freedom to post as much and as often as they’d like. A chance to lead the discussions. A chance to have a more hands-on experience. Members will have the ability to start new discussions, reply to any discussions, create new pages, and upload files to the group.

I’d also welcome the opportunity if others want to take a turn selecting a book and leading that month’s conversations. I’d still join in most likely (if my library has a copy) but I wouldn’t be *responsible* for the discussion so much.

You do NOT have to participate in every group read to join the group. You can join the group knowing that you’ll be participating in *some* months but not in others. I don’t require a commitment up front on how many you’ll be participating in!

I’m really looking for something casual, not complicated, but fun and inviting. I don’t want this to be “work” to anyone. I want this to be casual chitchat among friends. Conversational rather than formal.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Also, I'm trying to decide, and this will be put up to a vote by the way...SHOULD AUGUST'S DISCUSSION OF THE ACCIDENTAL TIME MACHINE BY JOE HALDEMAN be done on the wordpress blog OR done via the new google group?

Any thoughts on how to transition gracefully over without causing confusion????

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Darcie said...

Please add me to the group:

DarcieBrand [at] yahoo [dot] com

sally906 said...

I have sent you a private e-mail but would love to join :)

Unknown said...

Please add me to the group:
brightmyer249 at hotmail dot com.
I really don't know anything about Wordpress; I've always used
Google blogger.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the group
janice dot robertson at peelsb dot com