Monday, July 14, 2008

Heart of A Child Challenge Wrap-up Post

Today is the final day--at least officially--of the Heart of a Child Challenge. Feel free to mention/list what books you were able to read in the comments. If you want to provide a link (or multiple links) that's fine too!

If you're not quite finished with the challenge, go ahead and continue on in your reading (if you want!). When you do finish, you can come back and post a comment then.

If you do write a wrap-up post, you might want to mention--in addition to listing what you've read--if things have changed. Did the books read the same? feel the same? Did you outgrow any of your favorites? Do you feel they held up to the test of time? Which book was your favorite? Least favorite?

My list of books can be found here.

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1 comment:

Kim said...

My wrap up post is completed and up. Thanks for hosting this one, Becky. I had fun re-reading some old favorite stand-bys from my childhood!