Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit

Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody. 2008. Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit.

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit"The undead are ruining my life. I blame my mother. My mother is a medium. And I don't mean the kind that fits in between small and large."

What's worse than being an uncool kid in middle school? How about being an uncool kid that sees dead people? Kat, soon after her last birthday (12? 13?), has just realized that she shares her mother's gift, her ability to see, to communicate, to help with spirits or ghosts. While Kat loves her mother dearly--most of the time--she has never wanted to share in her mother's line of work. Helping spirits communicate with the living? Not really on her to-do list. But she has little choice in the matter when the spirit that haunts the school library makes her presence known.

Suddenly Supernatural has plenty of supernatural, but it has plenty of your typical drama as well. School. Teachers. Cliques. Friends. Enemies. School dances. Jac, Kat's best friend, has problems of her own. A cello player, a talented genius sort, has lost her ability to play music. These two 'loner' types find great comfort in confiding in one another. Jac understands Kat's unique ability. And Kat understands Jac's personal struggle or turmoil. Both have gifts they don't feel comfortable with. Both feel a bit uneasy about who they are and what they want.

This is the first in a series.

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Unknown said...

Oh goody! I love supernatural books, especially children's or young adult books. And it's the first of a series, even better. This is going to the top of my "must read list"!

Anonymous said...

It deserves more than a 3 star This book was great

Anonymous said...

i just started the book but it is so freaky but i love it.

Anonymous said...

this book is too good to write a post about it's too good .............. this is the first book i looked by it's cover and i loved even after readind it thankyou elizabeth cody kimmel may god bless you and i hope you write more thankyou

Anonymous said...

I love this book.. but one question what genre is it?? mystery??

Anonymous said...

This book so far is good but I think its fantasy but thats one of the genre's I like. Fantasy, Mystery and Adventure!! Love em all!!!