Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Presidential Reading Challenge

Presidential Reading Challenge
host: Becky (of Becky's Book Reviews)
dates: four levels, three different end dates
required books: four levels, four different requirements.

Level one: Commit to reading ONE book between July 4, 2008 and November 4, 2008. The book can be fiction or nonfiction, for adults or for children. It needs to be about a president or first lady or in someway connected to the President (children, pets, other relatives, friends, etc.) The book can be written from other points of view--from a servant, slave, friend, aide, employee, etc.--but the President and/or someone from his family would need to enter into it at some point.

Level two: Commit to reading THREE books between July 4, 2008 and January 20, 2009. (Inauguration day according to Wikipedia).

Level three: Commit to reading FIVE books between July 4, 2008 and July 4, 2009.

Level four: This one is slightly different. And I don't know if I'll have any takers at all. But I thought It'd throw it out there just the same. This one doesn't have you committing to read books. It has you committing to read primary documents--speeches and such. There is a website that has links to all sorts of goodies. George Washington for example. Abraham Lincoln. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. John F. Kennedy. All 43 Presidents are there to choose from. So this level asks you to commit to reading 10 items. This one would go July 4, 2008 through July 4, 2009.

No lists are required. No blogs are required to participate. To sign up just leave a comment on this post indicating which level you'll be aiming for (1, 2, 3, or 4)

Here are some sites you might find helpful:

American President An Online Reference Resource
First Ladies
First Ladies' Bibliographies
From Revolution to Reconstruction
Internet Public Library (Presidents of the United States of America)
National First Ladies' Library
Presidential Libraries
The National Archives: Presidents
The Presidents' Children
Wikipedia: Children of the Presidents
Wikipedia: Presidents

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Grilsgood said...

I love this, can't wait to read the early Presidents.
Let's see Jefferson, Washignton, Madson, Adams, Tyler, and Poke


Paige Y. said...

Ok as a general rule I stink at challenges but I already have Truman by David McCullough on my to read shelf so I'll commit to reading that by November. That would make me level 1.

Laura H said...

This challenge reminds me of my dad. He liked to read big boring looking books of the presidents' lives. He always told me interesting stories he had read. Not that inspired me to read them.

Debi said...

Crap, Becky. I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CHALLENGE!!! But this one tempts me nonetheless. Gonna give it some thought. Might actually go the primary documents route. We'll see.

sfdavide said...

I will do level 3. I will read 5, but probably more. I think this will be fun. sfdavide.blogspot.com. Dont forget my Christopher Moore challenge

Elizabeth said...

I'm definitely in; it sounds right up my alley. Given that one of my 'dream jobs' is to be a political speechwriter, I'm going option number 4 :)

Brightmyer said...

I'm going to commit to Level 3. I'm planning to read: The Madness of Mary Lincoln, Lincoln: the Man Behind the Myths, John Adams, The Truth About Hillary, and Laura Bush.

Teddy Rose said...

Gosh Becky, another challenge. We really need a 12 step program for this LOL!

I'm in! I'm going to participate in Level One. Here's a question:

Let say I finish my one book and decide I could read two more to make it Level Two. Can I change it to level two then?

Here is my blog post for the challenge:


Becky said...

If you decide to switch levels that is fine with me. :) And the reverse is also true, by the way, if anyone decides to downgrade they can. So if you sign up for five books but only get three or one done, then it's not a failure in my books.

Whitney said...

The last thing I need is another reading challenge, but I've been meaning to read Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama before the election. I guess that makes me level 1.

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for this challenge. Just looking at the books on my own shelves and looking/ordering from amazon and checking out from the library, I am set.
I will do a level 4!!!!!
kim in ohio

Tara @ Tales of a Book Addict said...

Hey Becky! I'm looking forward to this challenge!!!

I'm choosing level 3.

My post is here: http://tarasreadingchallenges.blogspot.com/2008/07/presidential-reading-challenge.html

Anonymous said...

Adding this to my never-ending list. I have YET to complete a challenge! Judy (Intergalactic Bookworm)

Anonymous said...

I dote on John Adams, and have his biography around here...
somewhere. It's a long book, so I'll sign up for Level One only.

Unknown said...

I have completed the Presidential Reading Challenge. Here is my link:

SueFitz said...

This sounds like fun and has a long enough time frame.

Anonymous said...

I am going to do level four.

I like reading speeches, and even though I am Australian - the idea of reading through some presidential speeches and comparing them and reflecting how things have changed over the years appeals to me.


Grilsgood said...

I am done. I read 6 and think that is it. No blog so I will post them here.

1. Harness, Cheryl The Remarkable Thomas Jeffereson
2. Schlessinger, Jr. Arthur M Grant
3. Souter, Gerry, Janet John Quincy Adams
4. Harness, Cheryl The Remakable John Adams
5. Favor, Lesli J. Martin Van Buren
6. Venezia, Mike George Washington