Thursday, August 07, 2008

Blogger problems

I'm still experiencing Blogger problems. I am unable to even access the page where all my posts are listed...and unable to edit. And apparently, it has decided to publish some things twice. Very, very frustrated. And since I can't get to the 'posts' page, I can't delete anything either. It seems that any action I make, just makes things that much worse for my blog. So I'm going to be giving blogger some space for a bit.

Update: Still unable to do a few things, but at least a few things are working now!

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Charlotte said...

bad, bad blogger!

I am sorry for you! I have lots of trouble with my agged mac at home, which hates blogger and vice versa, and I know how darn frustrating it is to see something you need to change and you can't get at it!

Becky said...

One of the frustrating things about it is that I can access this page "posts/edit posts" in all my other blogger accounts, it's just this main blog that has the issue going on. And it's driving me bonkers.