Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Q and A time

A few weeks ago, Dewey had a fabulous idea for the Weekly Geeks. I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again. So I would *really* appreciate your feedback. Here's how it works, I list the books I'm getting ready to review, and then during the week you may ask me questions about any/all of the books on the list. General or specific. Just whatever you want to know. Then when I review the book, I'll be sure to answer your questions about the book.

The Resistance by Gemma Malley (the sequel to The Declaration)
The Year We Disappeared by Cylin Busby and John Busby (nonfiction)
How They Met And Other Stories by David Levithan (short stories)
More Than Friends: Poems From Him and Her by Sara Holbrook and Allan Wolf (poetry)
Jimmy's Stars by Mary Ann Rodman (historical fiction)

In a few weeks, I'll be part of the blog tour for Jimmy's Stars. So I would *really, really, really, really* appreciate some questions. I have to fill three days worth of posts on that book, and having a Q&A day would really help me out!

I really enjoyed the interaction last time, and I would be open to doing this routinely. So if I've reviewed a book recently or not-so-recently, and you have a question or two you want answered, email me or leave a comment. Then however often I have a posts worth, I'll answer them. (Maybe on Fridays or Saturdays??? if there is enough interest.)

Let me clarify, I *am* smart enough, I believe, to detect when students just want homework questions answered. And that's not what I'm about. I don't mind discussing books with kids and teens that have questions about the book, but if I suspect that they haven't read the book and have no intentions of reading the book and are looking for an easy way out, then I'm not going to play along.


2009 Challenges...

So far, I am hosting three challenges that last all year (Jan - Dec 09): Celebrate the Author, 42 Challenge, A to Z Challenge (Joy has decided to step down from hosting challenges and asked for volunteers. So this is the one I grabbed up.) You'll hear more about them as it gets closer to the new year.

And I'm already hosting a few challenges that continue on into the 2009 year.

Presidential Challenge (either January 20, 2009 OR July 4, 2009)
Hans Christian Anderson Challenge (through May 2009)
YA Romance Challenge (through February 2009)
Arthurian Challenge (through March 2009)
Stephenie Meyer Mini-Challenge (through January 30, 2009)

I haven't decided about other challenges yet. Would anyone be interested in seeing these challenges of mine be repeated next year?


I'm also considering hosting some mini-challenges. Perhaps 3 classic (aka dead) authors and 3 contemporary ones. I haven't decided yet. And it would depend on if there was much interest. So far, I'm failing my mini-challenges for the most part. Bronte sisters? Haven't read anything yet. Gaskell? Read one. Need to read one more. Dumas? Read one, need to read one more. Dickens? Haven't read anything. I'd need two more. But I've about determined that Dickens will just have to go unread. I can't foresee this fall being the time I get to it. I have completed (some officially, some un) the Austen and the Inklings and the Twain. So do you have any suggestions for classic or contemporary authors you'd want to commit to reading 2 to 4 books apiece?

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John (@bookdreamer) said...

Classics :{
I have to read Portrait of a Lady by Henry James as a review. The excitement of this opportunity can be measured by the fact that I am reading every Sunday Salon post this week first! My Sunday Salon Post

Cheryl Vanatti said...

In regard to: How They Met And Other Stories by David Levithan, I always wonder about the central theme or tone of a collection of short stories and if there are any glaring out-of-sync stories included.

Very interested to see what you write about Jimmy's Stars.

Suey said...

What historical time period is Jimmy's Stars about? Is this a YA book? Who is Jimmy?