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Poetry Friday: More Than Friends

Holbrook, Sara and Allan Wolf. 2008. More Than Friends: Poems From Him and Her. (Releases in October 2008)

I really enjoyed this poetry collection about love and relationships. Tracing from the very beginning to the somewhat bittersweet end, the book traces the rise and fall of a relationship between two teens who started out as "just friends." I like the two perspectives. I liked examining love from all its angles or views. Some of the poems are sweet, some are funny. But I think all have a certain authenticity.

Here's just a glimpse of what the book has to offer.
What To Do When She Looks At You
(by Allan Wolf)

Become unglued
and crimson-hued?
Turn away,
afraid to stare?
Bury your face in your biology book?

Or return the look?

What do you do when she looks at you?
Shout her name
from atop your chair?
Flare your nostrils?
Pose and flex?
Bellow like a buffalo bull in love?
Yodel like a loin-cloth-clad Tarzan?

Or take her hand?

What do you do when she looks at you?
A hundred things I could have done.
A hundred words lay on my tongue.
A hundred pickup lines marched by--

I just said, "Hi."

What Do You Do When He Looks At You?
(by Sara Holbrook)

For sure, if he is looking here's the rule:
Stand tall, inhale and tummy-hold, then try
to sneak a peek but still maintain your cool.
Be subtle, private, ask your friends to spy.
Adjust your belt, fluff hair, and moisten teeth,
stall, turn your back, search purse, and check your phone.
Don't panic or betray your knees are weak.
Don't mope or look pathetic when alone.
Don't scratch your nose or pick or pull.
Don't be a tramp, but you should show some skin.
Don't wolf down food, pretend you're full.
Look interested, just not in him.
These rules are set in concrete. Don't ask why.
You have to follow them, OR . . . just say, "Hi."

At the bottom of each poem, the author will let you know the type of poem. For example, the second one--"What Do You Do When He Looks At You" is a sonnet. The first example, the one by Wolf, is free verse with refrain.

Some of the poems are paired together to give you specific his/her examples. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this one.

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