Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interview with J. Scott Savage

Today I'm happy to share my interview with J. Scott Savage, author of Far World: Water Keep. His blog is Find Your Magic. If you'd like to enter a contest to win an ARC of the book, read the details at the close of this post.

Tell us a little about yourself and your road to publication.

I guess my road to publication is not exactly the norm. I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a writer. I always loved making up and telling stories, but it never even occurred to me that someone might pay me for them. I wrote my first book, Cutting Edge, about seven years ago as a way to relieve the stress of being a dot com CEO during the ups and downs of the NASDAQ collapse. The first publisher I sent it to accepted it and things just kind of went from there.

What inspired you to write Far World: Water Keep?

Actually, I didn’t choose to write Farworld. It chose me. I started writing this book at 2:00 AM one morning to exorcize a story that wouldn’t leave my head. I knew for a fact that I could not write fantasy, and yet I kept seeing these characters and hearing their dialog. I figured if I rolled out of bed and proved to myself that I couldn’t write it, the story would go away. That has actually worked for other projects in the past. But this time I found myself still writing five hours and five thousand words later. So I went with it. And I’ve actually enjoyed writing this more than anything I’ve ever written.

How long did it take to write and see through to the finished product? Were there any surprises along the way?

The first draft took less than three months. Editing progressed over the course of about a year. The biggest surprise was just how much I enjoyed writing fantasy. I’d always loved reading it. But writing it was just a blast.

Do you have a favorite character, a favorite scene, a favorite quote?

I really like the scene where Master Therapass explains to Kyja the importance of “real” magic. The magic that is inside everyone. I also likes when MT fights the wizards of The Dark Circle. As far as a character, I really got a kick out of writing Riph Raph. But I love them all.

What do you love about writing? What do you find the easiest? What do you find the hardest?

When the writing is going good, it’s a total high. It’s just such a kick to put down on paper the images in your head. The hardest part is when you can’t seem to capture the images the way you see them.

How do you find time—do you find time—to keep reading? Do you have any favorites of the year?
Oh definitely. I read every day. I can’t go to sleep without reading at least a little. I’ve been reading a lot of Neil Gaiman this year.

If you had twenty-four hours, a time machine, and a limitless supply of money, what would you want to do?
Well I always find it funny that people say they’d go meet a famous figure. What makes you think Plato would give you the time of day? Personally, I’d jump around to as many key events in history as I could and see if they really happened the way people said. I’d like to find out if there really was an Atlantis too. Or a city of gold.

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Holly said...

I do wonder how long it takes the average published author to decide that she wants to write for a living...

Serena said...

I would like to enter your contest. pavcrawphan AT yahoo DOT com

Thanks! This sounds like an interesting book and the interview was very informative. I like how keen J. Scott Savage is about traveling into time to see if events occurred they way people said they do. I have the same thoughts from time to time.

Unknown said...

Please enter me Becky. I've been trying all over Blogland to win this book but so far no luck. My email is on my profile.

Amber said...

Please enter me :) This was a great interview and very insightful.

Laura said...

Good answer on the time machine question. You're right, too many people go the "meet someone famous" route.