Friday, August 01, 2008

July Firsts

"The undead are ruining my life. I blame my mother. My mother is a medium. And I don't mean the kind that fits in between small and large."

"I am so sick of reading books and articles about fat girls written by skinny women. Or worse yet, skinny guys. Tell me, what in the name of all that's cream and chocolate do skinny guys know about being a fat girl?"

"This isn't what we usually do."

"This is how things look:"

"The longest day of my life began tardily."

"If you had lived in 1841, the name Laura Bridgman would have echoed through your home, your school, your neighborhood."

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Debi said...

I've probably told you this before, but I adore these "first" posts of yours!

Sondra Santos LaBrie said...

Me too!!