Monday, August 04, 2008

The Picnic Basket

I'm sharing this new(ish) site with you because I think it may be of great interest to some of you. The site is for school and library professionals. And it is a way to help connect these professionals with select review copies. The Picnic Basket.

Here is what the site has to say for itself,
"Welcome to The Picnic Basket where school and library professionals taste new and forthcoming children's books with first-come, first-serve sample copies of books for kids of all ages. Read the books, then post your reviews here for your colleagues to read."
"To receive a complimentary copy of any featured title, simply agree to write a brief review to share with our online community. Tell us what you loved about the book (or not) and why (or why not). Was it savory, sweet or sour?

To join our intrepid band of online reviewers, see the "Order your reviewer's copy now" section of each post and send an email with your name, school/library, and address to that book's publisher.

The publisher will send you a copy of the
book(s) and we'll eagerly await your review (we hope to see your review(s) within two weeks of your receipt of the review copy). Please post your review directly on this site: just look for the title in the list below and add your comment. Or you can e-mail us your review(s) and we'll post them. Your colleagues can’t wait to hear what you have to say!"

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