Monday, April 12, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Prowling the Seas

Prowling the Seas. Exploring the Hidden World of Ocean Predators. By Pamela S. Turner. 2009. October 2009. Walker. 40 pages.

I enjoyed this one. I am not a science person, as I've mentioned before, but I do like the human side of science. I like learning about scientists. Learning more about what they do, how they do it, and sometimes even more importantly, why they do it.

I like the learning aspect about reading nonfiction too. I like learning things I didn't know before. And what I liked about Pamela S. Turner's Prowling the Seas was that it was so straight forward, so easy to understand. It was anything but boring!

This book is about four different ocean predators: the leatherback sea turtle, the bluefin tuna, the white shark, and the sooty shearwater. Each animal has its own chapter within the book. We learn about their natural environment. We learn about the different ways that environment is being threatened. We also learn more about TOPP. (The Tagging of Pacific Predators). And it's all done in a natural way, a human way.

So I definitely recommend this one!

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Jeane said...

I never really thought of a turtle being a predator, but I guess they are.