Friday, April 09, 2010

Poetry Friday: Think Again

Think Again. JonArno Lawson. Illustrated by Julie Morstad. 2010. Kids Can Press. 64 pages.

I really enjoyed this poetry book! I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. The jacket describes this one as a "collection of quietly beautiful and surprisingly humorous short poems" that "reveals first love's uncertainties, frustrations, and joys." I don't usually mention the jacket description of a book, but in this case, I think they said it much better than I ever could.

What did I like about these short poems? Well, I found them to be true, to feel authentic. I thought they were very good, very short observations of life, of love. Some poems are self-reflections.

I enjoyed so many of these poems: Thoughtless, Up For Grabs, Pleasant, The Heart, and Oh Star I Never Wished Upon.

Here are two about time. In fact, both are named Time.


The past cannot be paid for
And the future can't be bought:
You've got the present moment and
That's really all you've got. (29)


Time comes quick and raw, it can't be
Slowed or refined
It moves so fast because
it's leaving everything behind. (53)

© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews


Serena said...

Thanks for sharing this book of poetry. Sounds like these poems really spoke to you. Feel free to add the link from your post to the Mr. Linky here:

Mandy said...

This book sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing.

Marjorie said...

I love the way the rhythm slows down and then picks up pace to reflect the meaning, in the second poem... I was wondering what the numbers at the end refer to?