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Princess of Glass (MG/YA)

Princess of Glass. Jessica Day George. 2010. May 2010. Bloomsbury USA. 272 pages.

"Perfect," the Corley said, lips stretched wide in a smile. She took a shallow pan of molten glass and set it in the air over her head. "Yes, everything will be perfect this time."

Princess of Glass is a companion novel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. The first book was a novelization of the fairy tale, the "Twelve Dancing Princesses". This second book is a novelization of the fairy tale "Cinderella". But it may surprise you to find out just who is narrating this one!

Poppy, one of our primary narrators, is one of the twelve dancing princesses. Her enchantment has been broken. And thanks to Galen, her brother-in-law, she now has an appreciation for magic charms and knitting. Gifts which will help her be able to recognize the truth about one of the maids.

One of our other narrators is a young man, Prince Christian. The royal families have worked out an exchange program of sorts. Poppy and Prince Christian are just two of the royals involved in this matchmaking scheme between a handful of countries. These two are visiting the country of Breton.

And then there's Ella. Poor, poor Ella. You might think you know everything about Cinderella. But do you really? I loved this re-imagining of Cinderella. For any who think that Cinderella sounds a little too good to be true, you might just appreciate Jessica Day George's creation! I know I did!

I loved so many things about this one! I liked to see Poppy struggling with her past. How she has to deal with it, but that it isn't an easy process. I liked Prince Christian as well. I loved seeing things from "Prince Charming"'s perspective.
Prince Christian rode with his eyes straight ahead. As long as he didn't make eye contact with any of the girls lining the streets of Damerhavn to watch him go by, they wouldn't do anything foolish.
Like pretend to faint under the hooves of his horse.
Or throw a handkerchief at him, hoping that he would keep it as a memento.
The last time that had happened, his horse had spooked at the sight of the white fluttery thing, and Christian had nearly been thrown into the waiting arms of a horde of hopeful young ladies. He wanted to ride, needed to get out of the palace and away from his parents and tutors, but it was never as relaxing as he hoped it would be. (8)
I thought this one was a fun read. It had just the right blend of romance and fantasy. I really loved where Jessica Day George took this familiar story.

The quotes are taken from the ARC.

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Stiletto Storytime said...

Glad you liked it... I have it in my TBR pile by the bed....but that pile threatens to crush me in my sleep so I have not gotten to it yet! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds lovely! Poor Prince Charming (Christian) - I didn't really think I'd ever say that... :)

Oh, and you've really reviewed quite a few books today, Becky - going strong.:) L.

Whitney said...

What an adorable book! I love the passage from Prince Charming's POV. Great review.

Christina T said...

I liked Princess of the Midnight Ball and I've been looking forward to this one. Fantastic review! Makes me want to read the book even more.

The quote from Prince Christian reminds me of Prince Char from the film version of Ella Enchanted.

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Man, I'm so looking forward to reading this one! Is it May yet?

Emily said...

I'm SO excited to read this one. I love Jessica Day George!