Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Warriors In The Crossfire (MG)

Warriors in the Crossfire. Nancy Bo Flood. 2010. March 2010. Boyds Mill Press. 142 pages.

Set on the small island of Saipan during World War II, Warriors in the Crossfire is a novel about the impact of war on families and communities. I've always been interested to read war stories (fiction or not) about how war impacts others. War isn't just about soldiers and battlefields after all. It effects women and children too.

In Warriors in the Crossfire, readers learn how it impacted the island natives. Joseph, our narrator, is placed in a difficult position. He's forced to be 'the man of the house' when the war comes to the island. He's seen the Japanese soldiers be cruel to his people. But he's also heard terrible things about the Americans. He's heard that they eat children. So he knows--or thinks he knows--that the American soldiers can't be trusted either. So is there any place where Joseph and his family can be safe? How can Joseph know who to trust? How can Joseph find the strength and courage to make those tough decisions?

Warriors in the Crossfire is fiction. But there are certain events in the novel which are all too true. This was my first time to learn about Suicide Cliff.

If you enjoyed this story, you might consider reading The Girl With the White Flag by Tomiko Higa. That book is nonfiction, and it is simply amazing.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really good book. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Becky, I appreciate your interest in Warriors in the Crossfire and it was great to hear you enjoyed reading it - and learned about war in the Pacific. So true, war affects everyone, especially women and children though seldom are their "voices" heard. I agree, "Girl With the White Flag" is an amazing book. Thank you for reminding me about it, and again, thank you!
Nancy Bo Flood

Anna said...

I read about Suicide Cliff somewhere awhile back, but can't remember. Hmmm...

Sounds like a book worth checking out. I've linked to your review on the Book Reviews: WWII page on War Through the Generations.

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