Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Darcy Cousins

The Darcy Cousins. Monica Fairview. 2010. Sourcebooks. 432 pages.

The church door flew open and footsteps resounded through the church, forcing its lethargic inmates into sudden animation. Mr. Collins, whose sermon on fire and brimstone had taken on a decidedly monotonous rhythm, was awakened into new fervour.

What's disrupting services? The arrival of more Darcy cousins, of course! Miss Clarissa Darcy and her brother, Frederick, have come to visit their British relatives. This includes their brother Robert Darcy and his new wife, Caroline; Fitzwilliam Darcy and his wife, Elizabeth, and Miss Georgiana Darcy. But this visit happens to be taking place at Rosings! Which means readers get to see one cranky Lady Catherine and one ever-shy Anne.

Clarissa and Georgiana become great chums. Which is a good thing since both are heading to London to debut. Both hoping to have great seasons. Both hoping to find true love. But what if they were to fall for the same man?!

I really enjoyed Monica Fairview's The Other Mr. Darcy. I loved that one. And while I don't love this one quite as much as the first, I still enjoyed it a good deal. I loved Georgiana having her own story. I loved the attention to detail. I thought the characters were well done. And I love the fact that it's clean. (I have a hard time appreciating Pride and Prejudice sequels that go a bit too far.)

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Mystica said...

This sounds so very good.

writer girl said...

thanks for the review Becky, the book sounds interesting and I totally trust your judgement. I too am a bit skeptic about JA sequels, so I'm glad it's clean

Christina T said...

Good review! I liked The Other Mr. Darcy too and I didn't realize that this was a sequel. I may have to check this one out too.