Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Other Half of My Heart (MG)

The Other Half of My Heart. Sundee T. Frazier. 2010. June 2010. Random House. 304 pages.

Minni's heart soared as the small plane's wheels lifted from the ground.

Minni (Minerva Lunette) and Keira Sol are more than best friends, they're twin sisters. But you might not knowing it upon first glance. Most strangers don't. These biracial twins look nothing alike. Minni looks white even having reddish blond hair and blue eyes. And Keira is darker, looking more like their mom.

The Other Half Of My Heart is the story of what happens when these two girls (they're eleven) go to visit their grandmother in the South. Both will be competing in a pageant program, Miss Black Pearl Preteen of America. Minni, the shyer of the two, is anxious about everything. If it was up to her, they wouldn't have left home. She'd be volunteering at the animal shelter. She'd feel safe and secure and comfortable. The only thing keeping Minni going is her sister. Keira may seem more confident at first, but she's hiding some insecurities of her own. These insecurities come to light even more as their grandmother treats each girl differently. As she treats Minni as if she's better, smarter, prettier. Minni doesn't like this special attention. Not really. But what can she do about it? What should she do about it? Grandmother Johnson's neighbor might just hold an answer or two! Can Minni and Keira find a way to be true to themselves? To be more honest with each other and more supportive?

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Thanks for spotlighting this one. It looks really good. Just a few more months until it's out.