Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Red Necklace

Gardner, Sally. 2008. The Red Necklace.

This one was good, almost but not quite deliciously good. I think if I hadn't been reading for the 48 Hour Challenge, I could have savored this one a bit more. But even with my focus being a teeny bit distracted by the clock, I must say this one is good. It's historical fiction. It's set in France during the French Revolution. It features some magic-working gypsies. It's got some light romance. But mainly it is all about secrets, mysteries, and murders. Definitely got a dark vibe to it. There are some fantasy elements as well.

It's well written. It's very readable. The prologue:

This is Paris; here the winds of change are blowing, whispering their discontent into the very hearts of her citizens. A Paris waiting for the first slow turn of a wheel that will bring with it a revolution the like of which Europe has never known. In the coming year the people will be called upon to play their part in the tearing down of the Bastille, in the destruction of the old regime, in the stopping of the clocks. This is where the devil goes walking, looking with interest in at the window of Dr. Guillotine, who works night and day to perfect his humane killing machine, sharpening his angled blade on the innocent necks of sheep. Little does the earnest doctor know that his new design will be center stage, a bloody altarpiece in the drama that is about to unfold. But wait, not so fast, King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, are still outside Paris, at Versailles. This is the winter of 1789, one of the worst in living memory. Jack Frost has dug his fingers deep into the heart of this frozen city, so that it looks almost unrecognizable under its thick blanket of snow. All still appears as it should be. All has yet to break...
Isn't the UK book cover lovely? I think it's truer to the book than the American cover. (Though it is pleasing to the eyes as well.) My only problem is that about 70% of the book (at the very least) is narrated by Yann, a young boy who comes to age during the course of the novel.

Definitely recommended.

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Laura H said...

Becky you know I like your recommendations but I did not like this book. I actually was listening to it on CD. But had to force my self to do it.Finally by CD#5 I stopped I could not get into it.

Anonymous said...

I thought this book was excellent and recommended to all. If you like magic and a good book, READ IT!!!

Anonymous said...

It is AWESOME!! I strongly recommend this book for everyone!! I LOVED it! :)